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EarthCare Technologies Inc. has successfully developed the most advanced composting technology known in the world today. EarthCare Technologies, Inc. is a turn-key composting company. Our system is comprised of a specialized windrow composter and unique enzyme and microbial infusion blend specifically formulated to work together to accelerate the composting process and provide a superior end product. No other company has been capable of accelerating the composting process to the degree that EarthCare's system has been able to consistently achieve. Nor has any other company been able to produce such a high-quality compost so dependably.

The technology developed by EarthCare is an environmentally acceptable method of handling virtually any biodegradable material in a waste stream. this method works for any organic source such as farm and animal waste as well as brush, lawn, and leaf clippings.

Concerned with the problems facing individual communities and businesses , we make certain that each system is specifically designed to meet the needs of their particular waste management problem. Our unique system is designed to remove the waste problem without offensive odors.

Composting supports all recycling efforts by turning municipal, industrial, and animal waste into a usable product reducing the amount of waste being deposited into landfills by approximately 85% (the remaining 15% being composed of Glass, plastic, and metal.)

EarthCare's finished organic compost is environmentally safe. The finished compost meets or exceeds any existing standard required by the EPA as well as all Federal, State, County, or City agencies. It may be used without restriction, including use of food crops.