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EarthCare Technologies, Inc. Services

EarthCare Technologies, Inc. offers the following services to our clients.

  • Analysis of current waste streams and control methodology.
  • Investigation and identification of suitable area sites.
  • Production of design specifications.
  • Development of infrastructure cost estimates.
  • Formulation of operational cost estimates.
  • Identification of equipment sources.
  • Oversee site development.
  • Acquisition of site permitting.
  • Establishment of the compost quality assurance plan.
  • Production of overall site management plan and operational parameters.
  • Conduct required personnel training programs.
  • Operations and management of the site in accordance with the bioremediated, active, thermophilic, windrow compostiong technology developed by ECTI.
  • Marketing of the fully stabilized compost product.

EarthCare Technologies, Inc. provides its clients with not only a "cutting edge" technology, and state-of-the art manufacturing facility, but a staff of professionals and non-professionals dedicated to solving, in an environmentally sound manner, the ever expanding waste disposal problems now facing this and future generations.