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The proprietary process developed by ECTI in conjunction with the University of Arkansas, is based upon the utilization of select microbes, fungi, yeasts and molds, and does not rely upon, nor include odor masking agents such as citrus oils. In part, these microbes perform a bio-filter function, specifically targeting odor producing factors of ammonia, sulfides, alcohols, and mercaptans. Others within the inocula are for vector control, limiting the occurrence of fly and egg larva populations. Pathogens such as salmonella, schegela, helmuth ova, and enteric viruses are also destroyed by various constituents of the inocula. All organisms present are naturally occurring, such as those which may be found on a forest floor or soil media. There are no genetically altered organisms contained within the ECTI proprietary inocula.

These have been extensively tested and proven safe.

At EarthCare's operating facilities and field demonstrations, the inocula has been shown to control to a non offensive level and/or completely eliminate factors which cause odors, within 45 minutes or less.

In addition odors and vectors at a facility will also be controlled by best management/engineering practices.

All wastes which are capable of odor production and vector attraction are processed prior to the close of that business day.