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EarthCare can provide these cooperative marketing options:

  1. Training video and in-house staff training
  2. Co-op materials and advertising support
    1. Printed materials
      1. Sample ad slicks
      2. Line art for catalogues, etc.
      3. Logo slicks
      4. point of purchase displays and support material.
    2. National advertising
      1. Trade associations such as:
        1. American Association of Nurserymen
        2. Horticultural Research Institute
        3. Professional Plant Growers Association
        4. Wholesale Nursery Growers of America
      2. Trade Publications
      3. National radio sponsorships
      4. PBS sponsorships geared towards gardening shows
    3. Regional advertising: Newspaper inserts in markets with introductory coupon
    4. Direct mail

Retailer would provide:

  1. Include product promotion in your normal advertising program
  2. End Cap Promotions
  3. Run out of Print Promotion
  4. Stackout Promotions